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RGV version : 1.7
Galaxy tools : 6
Datasets : 39 (12 in prep)
Species : 13
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What's RGV?

The ReproGenomics Viewer (RGV) is a cross-species genomic toolbox for the reproductive community. The system is based on the implementation of a JBrowse genome browser and a Galaxy bioinformatics workflow environment. It was developed to provide a one-stop genomic working environment and aims to assist scientists in the analysis and the mining of a wide range of high-throughput repro-genomics data, including sequencing data.

RGV allows hosting, visualization, and direct comparison of users’ data to published genomics studies as well as to relevant genetic variations linked to reproduction. One way it does this is by enabling various genomic file format conversions.

The ReproGenomics Viewer currently hosts datasets that are oriented mainly towards testis biology and spermatogenesis. In the near future, these will extend to other areas of reproduction, including gonad development, urogenital cancers, and reproductive toxicology.
If you use RGV please cite : Darde et al. , Nucleic Acids Res., 2015 Jul

What's next for RGV?

Maintain The ReproGenomics Viewer (RGV) as it is, not corresponding to our expectations. We want to provide to the reproductive community the best cross-species genomic toolbox. So, to adress this issue, we are pleased to announce that we are working on a new version of RGV : RGV 2.0 .


Datasets Updates
  • [Upload - 09/16] Howarth et al., 2014 in Mouse genome
  • [Upload - 09/16] Korfanty et al., 2014 in Mouse genome
  • [Upload - 09/16] Soh et al., 2015 in Mouse genome
  • [Upload - 05/16] Ng et al., 2013 in Mouse genome
  • [Upload - 05/16] Yokobayashi et al., 2013 in Mouse genome
  • [Upload - 05/16] Margolin et al., 2014 in Mouse genome
Genome Information
  • [Corrective - 05/16] Correct gorilla genes display
  • [Error - 04/16] Gorilla genes display trouble
Next Updates
  • [Browser] Link annotation with MyGene.info
  • [Browser] Update JBrowse software version
  • [System] Work on strain specificity display
  • [System - 20/10/16 to 25/10/16] RGV maintenance
  • [System - 03/07/16] RGV Galaxy shutdown

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