Pubmed ID : 25503407

Article Name : UPF2, a nonsense-mediated mRNA decay factor, is required for prepubertal Sertoli cell development and male fertility by ensuring fidelity of the transcriptome.

Abstract : Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) represents a highly conserved RNA surveillance mechanism through which mRNA transcripts bearing premature termination codons (PTCs) are selectively degraded to maintain transcriptomic fidelity in the cell. Numerous in vitro studies have demonstrated the importance of the NMD pathway; however, evidence supporting its physiological necessity has only just started to emerge. Here, we report that ablation of Upf2, which encodes a core NMD factor, in murine embryonic Sertoli cells (SCs) leads to severe testicular atrophy and male sterility owing to rapid depletion of both SCs and germ cells during prepubertal testicular development. RNA-Seq and bioinformatic analyses revealed impaired transcriptomic homeostasis in SC-specific Upf2 knockout testes, characterized by an accumulation of PTC-containing transcripts and the transcriptome-wide dysregulation of genes encoding splicing factors and key proteins essential for SC fate control. Our data demonstrate an essential role of UPF2-mediated NMD in prepubertal SC development and male fertility.

Publication data : Jan. 2015

Authors : J Bao, C Tang, S Yuan, BT Porse, W Yan

Ome : Transcriptome

Technologies : RNA-Seq

Species : Mus musculus (Genome browser )

Experimental design : Mutant

Topics : Gonad somatic cells

Tissues : Testis

Sex : Male

Developmental stage : Prepubertal

Age : 4dpp

Keywords : Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay, Premature termination codon, Alternative splicing, Sertoli cell, 3?UTR, shortening, Testis, Gonocyte, Spermatogenesis, Sterility, RNA-Seq, Mouse

Sample count : 6


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