Pubmed ID : 26377738

Article Name : Identification of candidate gonadal sex differentiation genes in the chicken embryo using RNA-seq.

Abstract : Despite some advances in recent years, the genetic control of gonadal sex differentiation during embryogenesis is still not completely understood. To identify new candidate genes involved in ovary and testis development, RNA-seq was used to define the transcriptome of embryonic chicken gonads at the onset of sexual differentiation (day 6.0/stage 29).

Publication data : Sep. 2015

Authors : KL Ayers, LS Lambeth, NM Davidson, AH Sinclair, A Oshlack, CA Smith

Ome : Transcriptome

Technologies : RNA-Seq

Species : Gallus gallus (Genome browser )

Experimental design : Normal

Topics : Development

Tissues : Embryo, Ovary, Testis

Sex : Female, Male

Developmental stage : Fetal

Age : 0.5dpc, 4.5dpc, 6dpc

Keywords : Sex determination, Gonad, Sexual differentiation, Chicken embryo, Ovary, Testis, RNA-seq

Sample count : 12


Name Specie Technology Actions
data_genelevel Gallus gallus (Genome browser ) RNA-Seq View Download