Pubmed ID : 29848638

Article Name : The transcription factor SOX30 is a key regulator of mouse spermiogenesis.

Abstract : The postmeiotic development of male germ cells, also known as spermiogenesis, features the coordinated expression of a large number of spermatid-specific genes. However, only a limited number of key transcription factors have been identified and the underlying regulatory mechanisms remain largely unknown. Here, we report that SOX30, the most-divergent member of the Sry-related high-motility group box (SOX) family of transcription factors, is essential for mouse spermiogenesis. The SOX30 protein was predominantly expressed in spermatids, while its transcription was regulated by retinoic acid and by MYBL1 before and during meiosis.

Publication data : 05. 2018

Authors : D Zhang, D Xie, X Lin, L Ma, J Chen, D Zhang, Y Wang, S Duo, Y Feng, C Zheng, B Jiang, Y Ning, C Han

Ome : Transcriptome

Technologies : RNA-Seq

Species : Mus musculus

Experimental design : Normal

Topics : Spermatogenesis, Spermiogenesis, Spermatids

Tissues : Round spermatids

Sex : Male

Developmental stage : Adult

Age : 23dpp

Keywords : Sox30, Spermatids, Spermiogenesis, Transcription factor

Sample count : 4


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