Pubmed ID : 30026551

Article Name : Identification of dynamic undifferentiated cell states within the male germline.

Abstract : The role of stem cells in tissue maintenance is appreciated and hierarchical models of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation often proposed. Stem cell activity in the male germline is restricted to undifferentiated A-type spermatogonia (A

Publication data : 07. 2018

Authors : HM La, JA Mäkelä, AL Chan, FJ Rossello, CM Nefzger, JMD Legrand, M De Seram, JM Polo, RM Hobbs

Ome : Transcriptome

Technologies : RNA-Seq

Species : Mus musculus

Experimental design : Normal

Topics : Spermatogonial stem cellls, Spermatogenesis

Tissues : Spermatogonia

Sex : Male

Developmental stage : Adult

Age : 6-8wpp

Cell sorted : PDX1-GFP+, PDX1-GFP-

Sample count : 8


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