Pubmed ID : 30174296

Article Name : Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Analysis Reveals Sequential Cell Fate Transition during Human Spermatogenesis.

Abstract : Spermatogenesis generates mature male gametes and is critical for the proper transmission of genetic information between generations. However, the developmental landscapes of human spermatogenesis remain unknown. Here, we performed single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) analysis for 2,854 testicular cells from donors with normal spermatogenesis and 174 testicular cells from one nonobstructive azoospermia (NOA) donor. A hierarchical model was established, which was characterized by the sequential and stepwise development of three spermatogonia subtypes, seven spermatocyte subtypes, and four spermatid subtypes. Further analysis identified several stage-specific marker genes of human germ cells, such as HMGA1, PIWIL4, TEX29, SCML1, and CCDC112. Moreover, we identified altered gene expression patterns in the testicular somatic cells of one NOA patient via scRNA-seq analysis, paving the way for further diagnosis of male infertility. Our work allows for the reconstruction of transcriptional programs inherent to sequential cell fate transition during human spermatogenesis and has implications for deciphering male-related reproductive disorders.

Publication data : 10. 2018

Authors : M Wang, X Liu, G Chang, Y Chen, G An, L Yan, S Gao, Y Xu, Y Cui, J Dong, Y Chen, X Fan, Y Hu, K Song, X Zhu, Y Gao, Z Yao, S Bian, Y Hou, J Lu, R Wang, Y Fan, Y Lian, W Tang, Y Wang, J Liu, L Zhao, L Wang, Z Liu, R Yuan, Y Shi, B Hu, X Ren, F Tang, XY Zhao, J Qiao

Ome : Transcriptome

Technologies : scRNA-Seq

Species : Homo sapiens

Experimental design : Phenotype

Topics : Spermatogenesis

Tissues : Testis, Testis (1N), Testis (4N), Testis (2N)

Sex : Male

Developmental stage : Adult

Age : 30ypc, 60ypc, 27ypc, 34ypc, 29ypc, 44ypc, 41ypc, 27/34ypc, 39ypc, 43ypc, 24ypc

Keywords : Human spermatogenesis, single-cell RNA sequencing

Sample count : 71


Name Species Technology Actions
data genelevel Fig7B Homo sapiens scRNA-Seq View Download
data genelevel Fig1C Homo sapiens scRNA-Seq View Download
data genelevel FigS7C Homo sapiens scRNA-Seq View Download
data genelevel Fig2A Homo sapiens scRNA-Seq View Download

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